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Sustayne Toothbrush, Corn Starch

Sustayne Toothbrush, Corn Starch



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Help guests preserve their pearly whites with toothbrushes made with corn starch. These sturdy, attractive hospitality amenities make a bold statement that you’re taking steps to minimize environmental impact. Soft nylon bristles. Individually packaged in a certified compostable* bio-based sachet.  

Cornstarch toothbrush is made from 30-40% plant-based materials and polypropylene (PP). This results in a durable, food-grade material that won't break easily when used by your guests. 

*Packaging is certified to meet the OK Compost EN 13432:2000/ASTM D6400 conditions for compostability in municipal or industrial facilities. Check your local area for appropriate facilities, as these may not exist in your community.

Important Note: This toothbrush is crafted from a unique blend of plant-based materials and polypropylene, reducing the use of traditional plastics. To ensure proper disposal, please note that it should not be composted or recycled.

The bio-based sachet is commercially compostable, as stated above.