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Swann-Morton Stainless Steel Dermaplaning Blade, Size 10R

Swann-Morton Stainless Steel Dermaplaning Blade, Size 10R



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Known as the butter blade, size 10R is utilized in cosmetic procedures like dermaplaning. Its design features a shorter and more rounded shape compared to the size 14 blade, enabling easy access to narrower and more confined facial areas. Additionally, the rounded tip, also known as a bull nose, prevents unintentional snagging or scratching, ensuring a smoother, more reliable outcome.

Features & Benefits

- Designed for dermaplaning procedures
- Ideal for contouring the nose, mouth, and brows 
- Stainless steel, sterile
- Fits size 3 handles
- Fits the Lumohs Dermaplaning Handle

Swann-Morton dermaplaning blades are manufactured with a unique innovative design. One side is a smooth razor edge that’s supported by a micro-serrated edge for a consistently sharp blade. Unlike other dermaplaning blades, there’s no need for a coating.