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thermaBliss Professional Stone Starter Kit, 74 piece

thermaBliss Professional Stone Starter Kit, 74 piece



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Maximize client touch time by eliminating the need to cycle through standard hot stones. Sanitary, non-porous thermaBliss Stones are self-heating. No need for electricity! This Starter Kit includes everything you need to begin effortlessly enhancing your services:

72-Count Body Level 2.0 Charges
Each Charge contains a distinct mixture of mineral energy. The magic is in the minerals. This breakthrough technology uses a powerful, patented blend of magnesium, iron, and salt that simply activates with water. These are the most potent charge for medium to high heat massage and body treatments lasting up to 90 minutes.

2 Ergonomic Multi-Tool Stones
These hand-crafted porcelain stones are made from natural minerals, including kaolin, feldspar, quartz, and clay. Then, they’re kiln-fired to a highly vitrified, glass-like density for beauty and durability. While thermaBliss Stones deliver treatment-enhancing benefits, they also offer ergonomic features that help protect therapists from soft-tissue repetitive stress injuries. Stones measure 4” x 2.5” x 1.5"


- Each hand-crafted thermaBliss Stone comes equipped with all critical ergonomic massage tool features, including:

  • Unique “thumb end” for heated release of trigger points during deep tissue work
  • Broad top side crown for maximum heat distribution into the larger areas of the body
  • Innovative edge side for stripping as well as for lifting, similar to a gua sha tool during a facial
  • Long rounded side for distributing heat to heavily muscled areas
  • Rounded squash ball end for heated deep tissue and general massage
  • Flat cap side for additional heat distribution 

- Stones have a fine, non-porous texture that isn’t noticed by the client, but it helps with grip when used with a gliding agent (e.g., oil or lotion)
- Continuous heat ensures constant touch time
- Quiet–therapist no longer has to noisily fish for stones in a stone heater
- Uses very little water, saving thousands of gallons of water annually
- Requires no electrical outlet, cables, batteries, or counter space
- Self-heating mineral technology is activated with water
- Just 1 or 2 stones needed per 90-minute treatment
- Lightweight, portable–ideal for mobile spa services!



These stones, including the fine texture, are highly vitrified and non-porous, so they will not absorb bacteria. They can be sanitized and disinfected in under 60 seconds with an approved disinfectant. They are also easily sterilized in an autoclave for those who require the highest level of safety. 

To dispose of the non-toxic Charge gel after the treatment, simply shake out (or scoop out with a small utensil) the majority of it into a trash bin and rinse any residual down the sink.


Additional Information 

Because thermaBliss Stones and Charges offer on-demand heating or cooling, just 1 Stone is needed for any enhancement upgrade to basic services, including massages, facials, pedicures, and manicures.   

Non-porous, ergonomic thermaBliss Stones have a similar weight to traditional stones and are shaped to comfortably fit the vast majority of therapists’ hands–even therapists with small hands.

Note: If a thermaBliss Stone gets too hot during the initial heat generation phase, wrap it in a cool damp cloth for 5 seconds to pull the heat out of the external surface portion of the stone. Repeat as necessary to cool the surface of the Stone to the desired massage temperature. Do not add water inside the stone.