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Theta Chimes, 7.25" L

Theta Chimes, 7.25" L


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Theta Chimes are hand-tuned carillon chimes that are housed within a bamboo tube. The metal chimes feature 8 precision ground tines that are tuned to produce 8 different tones. The tines are brazed into the metal base to form a singular unit, and they’re activated by a bead that creates sound on impact. Dimensions: 7" H x 2.5" W. Weight: 5 oz. (142 g).

These handmade chimes may vary slightly in color and design due to the beautiful unpredictability of patterns and colors found in the bamboo. 

Crafted in Nebraska, Theta Chimes are constructed from untreated bamboo, which is sensitive to UV light. Indoor use is suggested.

Chime Notes:

Enlighten - E G B E G# B D E

Esoteric - A C# E F A C E F

Ecstasy - B D E G G# B D F#

Harmony - A C E A B C E

Serenity - C D# G G# A# C E G

Tranquility - G# A# C# F A# C D F


A Theta Chime can be played by gently holding the rope at the top and lightly moving it in a circular motion. It can also be suspended by the rope to act as a windchime.

When used as a hand-held instrument, the chime is easily manipulated into playing melodic passages. Grasping the chime gives you a greater amount of control over the motion of the pendulum, allowing you to decide the notes and the volume. Hold by the cylinder or the string. Let it hang or make it swing.

Six unique tuning variations give you unlimited sonic options. A ring of metal tines, tuned by ear, are struck lightly by the interior pendulum, which produces a song based on the speed and direction of the sail. The bamboo housing softly amplifies the sound.


Sounds of Different Chimes