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VitaJuwel Sana Crystal Water Carafe, BEAUTY, Blossom Rose

VitaJuwel Sana Crystal Water Carafe, BEAUTY, Blossom Rose



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In the luxury wellness market, exceptional products that harmonize form and function define the essence of quality. Introducing the Sana Crystal Carafe Beauty Blend, a meticulously designed hydration companion that transcends mere aesthetic appeal, offering a gateway to enhanced well-being. Perfect for spas looking to enrich their refined product offerings, the Sana carafe combines minimalist design with the transformative power of crystals to support beauty from within.

A Synthesis of Design and Wellness

The Sana Crystal Carafe embodies minimalist elegance with its clean, pure lines and functional design, symbolizing health and mindful enjoyment. Featuring a silk touch lid and a Flower of Life stainless steel ornament, the Sana carafe is easy to use, requiring no lid removal for refilling or pouring for a seamless hydration experience.

The Essence of Beauty in Every Sip

This exclusive Beauty Blend features Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Jade (Nephrite), and Clear Quartz, each selected for their attributes that support skin health, relaxation, self-love, and overall rejuvenation. Amethyst promotes relaxation and balance. Rose Quartz fosters self-love and harmony. Jade (Nephrite) is known for its purifying and harmonizing qualities, while Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of the crystals and the intention behind their use. Together, this blend is curated for individuals seeking to reflect their inner beauty and vitality.

Why Offer the Beauty Blend in Your Spa?

Comprehensive Wellness: A product that aligns with the holistic health ethos, focusing on hydration as a foundation for natural beauty and wellness.

Practical Elegance: Combining functionality with sophisticated design, the Sana Carafe is a statement piece that adds value to any spa retail environment.

Durability and Ease of Care: Dishwasher-proof for convenience with a recommendation for hand washing to maintain its pristine condition and vibrational integrity. It holds 25.3 fl. oz. 

Targeted Well-being: Designed to promote relaxation, self-love, and rejuvenation, this blend supports a lifestyle that values mindfulness and self-care.


Expand Your Retail Horizons with the Sana Crystal Carafe

Adding the Beauty Blend Sana Crystal Carafe to your spa’s retail selection speaks to a deep understanding of your clients’ aspirations for health, beauty, and holistic well-being. This product not only quenches physical thirst but also nurtures the soul, embodying the philosophy that true beauty reflects internal health and harmony.