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Setting Professional Boundaries: Why it Matters and How to Do it Right

By Lori Vargas, founder of 360 Wellness Education

Navigating the line between friendly and professional can be difficult, especially when working with clients on a regular basis. Therefore, understanding the importance of professional boundaries and how to establish them is essential. By respecting time, being able to say no, and setting clear guidelines, you can create a healthy and successful practice for everyone involved.

In the world of wellness, setting professional boundaries is crucial for both the practitioner and the client. Establishing clear guidelines and communicating is essential to fostering trust and respect.

One of the key elements of professional boundaries is respecting the time of both the practitioner and the client. It's easy to get caught up in the relationship and lose track of time, but it's important to remember that both money and time are important. Scheduling clients at specific times and making sure to complete their treatment within the allotted time frame allows for practitioners to be ready for their next client and ensures that everyone is getting the best care possible.

Another important aspect is being able to say no, and meaning it. Clients may ask for more, but it's important to stay in control of the situation and keep to protocols. Being honest and straightforward when a client asks for something that cannot be provided is essential. Being consistent and having clear business guidelines written down and easily accessible to clients allows for clear communication and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Finally, it is important to remember that it's okay to establish these boundaries and not to feel guilty about it. The practitioner's time, expertise, and protocols are valuable and should be respected in order to provide the best care. By setting and maintaining professional boundaries, practitioners can create a healthy and successful practice for everyone involved.

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About Lori Vargas

Lori is a highly qualified wellness professional. She offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise with over 20 years of industry experience. She founded and successfully operated four spas, a massage school, and an online digital education platform. She is an advanced education developer and spa consultant. Her business foundation was cultivated with 14 years working with Fortune 500 corporations, where she focused on corporate strategy and business development. She is a CPA and holds an MBA from The University of Chicago. Lori has a strong track record of helping spas and resorts achieve financial growth and business development success. “As a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Health Coach, Adjunct Professor, and Ironman Triathlete; I believe the importance of education and community is critical for establishing strength and growth within the spa industry.” Lori recently established a 360 Wellness Education Core Membership Group to allow others to learn, share and flourish in a collaborative style.

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