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Add Value to Any Lash & Brow Menu with Ammonia-Free Products

Anna Bralley, Licensed Esthetician and Director of Product Development, Universal Companies

If we’re looking for the pillars that make up the foundation of the spa and salon industry, lash and brow services are definitely one of the biggest. Every year, lash menu options become even more important for the average consumer. Just last year, a report from Business of Fashion found that lash treatments are becoming more popular than mascara, which is crazy!

With this constant growth, it’s unsurprising when we get new customers walking through our doors asking about lash lifts and perms. Or maybe your regulars are starting to wonder if these services are right for them.

Lash and brow services haven’t always been for everyone. For years, we’ve worked with our tried and true formulas, like Intensive, that give us the long-lasting color that clients are looking for. Unfortunately, these products don’t work for all clients and, more often than we’ve hoped for, we’ve needed to tell our clients that these services might not be a good fit for them.

However, with new ammonia-free products like ViBrowLash, a gentler option is finally available for those clients that have either struggled or been wary of more common lash and brow services.

Ammonia-Free Lash & Brow

In the world of cosmetics, ammonia is often used as a pH adjuster. In hair dyes and lash and brow products, it’s used to assist in the dying process and help color last much longer.

But ammonia products may not work well for all of your customers. Clients who are more sensitive may find products with ammonia uncomfortable when used around the eyes, due to product fumes. By offering an ammonia-free option, you’re giving these clients a gentler choice.

There are also a ton of other benefits for ammonia-free lash and brow:

  • Ammonia-free options will stand out for clients that are more conscious of the ingredients in their cosmetics. ViBrowLash is a great option for these clients, as it also matches vegan lifestyles and uses no animal byproducts.
  • Despite its lack of ammonia, there’s only a week difference in wear time between ViBrowLash and traditional lash products. Your sensitive and sustainability-concious clients are willing to sacrifice that extra week of wear for something that matches their routines. Plus, this makes it easier to schedule more frequent appointments.
  • By carrying both an ammonia-free and classic option, spas and salons with a more diverse clientele can easily appeal to all customers.
  • The ammonia in some products can have a drying effect. For clients that have just had a perm, used strip lashes, or have recently had lash extensions, an ammonia-free option is key because it won’t dry the lashes out any more.
  • Because of its gentle formula, an ammonia-free option is great for older clients and clients dealing with menopause.

It’s up to you to decide how to fit ammonia-free lash and brow products into your spa menu. Regardless of how you do it, you’ll be giving your clients more options, which allows you more opportunities to drive sales and see the returns you want.

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