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Kansa Tools: A Brief Guide

By Robert Sachs, Co-Director, Diamond Way Ayurveda

Kansa Defined

The term “kansa” has many definitions and transliterations. According to strict Sanskrit transliteration, the word is “kamsya.” But it’s commonly written and pronounced as kans (like Cannes), kansu, or kansa (kahn-sah). It sometimes refers to bronze, sometimes to brass, is generically called amalgam, and most reverently called "queen's metal." The kansa we refer to here is traditional bronze.

A Brief History of Kansa

Kansa was first made in the Bronze Age approximately 5,000 years ago by the Harappans, inhabitants of the Indus Valley thought to have developed the principles and practices of Ayurveda. Being harder and more durable than other materials available at that time, bronze enabled them to create superior metal objects. It was widely used for tools, sacred statues, housewares, bells, and gongs as well as for weapons and armor. Because of its unique properties, kansa was also found to be very healing and was crafted into an array of healing instruments.

Kansa & Ayurvedic Treatments

Ancient healers knew about the subtle, unseen energies in the body. In Ayurveda, these subtle energy points–known as marmas–were discovered on the chakra grid used in healing and spiritual practice. Thus, unseen networks of electro-magnetic energy are affected by kansa. This is because kansa is the metal alloy known to be the fastest conductor of electro-magnetism.

All the traditions around kansa are still practiced today. Many holistic wellness practitioners use traditional kansa tools for the Ayurvedic treatment kansa vatki, as kansa is known for its powerful healing effect on body and mind.

Types of Kansa Wands & Tools

 Diamond Way Ayurveda sources its kansa tools from a manufacturer that employs artisans who’ve practiced this craft for generations. Purity of the raw materials (copper, tin, and a trace of zinc) is of prime importance. The artisans work with keen attention to quality and detail, combining tradition with innovation to produce beautiful body care tools, including:

· Face, Body, & Foot Wands–excellent for massage, energy work

· Facial Tools–perfect for gua sha, cross fiber techniques

· Marma Wand–great for points on the subtle body grids of Chinese and Indian traditions

Caring for Kansa Wands & Tools

Kansa healing tools are easy to use. Although there are traditional patterns and sequences that you can learn, just taking one in your hand and rubbing on the area of concern guarantees a great result. And, made of wood and metal, there are no attachments, no batteries, or anything needed other than the tool itself.

Note that because of its unique electro-conductivity, kansa is extremely sensitive, so be sure to take care of your tools. Do not clean kansa tools with harsh chemicals or abrasives. Wipe it clean with a non-abrasive, non-chemical soap like castile. This will ensure that there isn’t manufacturing residue on the metal.

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