LaFlore Microbiome Reset Facial

Give your guests the best of LaFlore®. This luxury treatment is safe for all skin types and leaves even the most sensitive skin with smooth and glowing skin. The powerful combination of natural ingredients paired
with Live Probiotics will help to exfoliate, hydrate, and strengthen your guests’ skin as they indulge in the sensorial experience of LaFlore®.

  Treatment Time: 45-60 minutes

  Suggested Price: $115-$195

 Cost per Treatment: $8.00

  Sample menu description

Experience the LaFlore® Signature Glow. Expertly formulated to refresh dull and dehydrated skin, delivering a boost of topical LIVE probiotics. This microbiome-friendly facial helps defend your skin against pathogens, manages the ideal pH while continuously delivering the vitamins, minerals, and peptides your skin needs for balance. Includes hand treatment.

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