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Moor Spa Brightening Facial

Relax as we renew your complexion with this facial that brightens your complexion and leaves your skin hydrated, radiant, and youthful looking.

Cost Per Treatment: $5.56
Time: 45-60 minutes
What to Charge: $75-$125

What You’ll Need:

What They’ll Want:

What to Do:

1. Prepare towels by placing them in a basin filled with hot water.

2. Remove eye makeup using cotton pads dampened with Eye Makeup Remover and swiping gently over each eye.

3. Mix Salicylic Cleanser with warm water to create a mild lather, then cleanse the skin thoroughly from the chin up to the

top of the forehead. Remove the cleanser with infused hot towels.

4. Tone the skin with Glycolic Toner using 2 cotton pads and wiping the entire face in flowing movements

5. Apply warm, damp cotton pads to the eyes and then apply 15% Glycolic Lotion from the base of the throat to the forehead, using a facial brush and avoiding the eyes and lips. Leave lotion on for 5-10 minutes while continuing to brush the skin with the facial brush, taking care not to over-stimulate any areas.

6. Remove 15% Glycolic Lotion using the infused hot towels.

7. Tone the skin by using Glycolic Toner cotton pads.

8. Start the skin analysis and perform extractions if necessary. Make sure to use the Pre- and Post-Extraction Gel if extractions are performed.

9. Remove 2 small warm stones from the hot cabbie, then perform a warm stone facial massage using Nourishing Facial Oil, starting on the client's forehead.

10. Apply Radiance Serum to the skin in a massaging motion until completely absorbed.

11. Apply a generous layer of Kelzyme Mask, starting on the neck and quickly working your way upward to the forehead in flowing movements. Leave mask on for approximately 10-15 minutes or until it has turned matte.

12. While the Kelzyme Mask is on, use Hand Cream to perform a hand and arm massage or give a neck massage using Tension Balm (optional).

13. Gently remove the Kelzyme Mask with infused hot towels.

14. Tone the skin once more with Glycolic Toner using 2 cotton pads.

15. To finish, pat Eye Zone Cream in the under eye area from outer to inner corner of the eye. Apply Renewal Cream as the final moisturizer to the face and neck.

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