Revitalizing Magnesium Massage Treatment

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When it comes to our body, magnesium is an essential component that's vital to maintaining balance and keep us up to task for our day to day stresses. By adding magnesium to massage, therapists separate and loosen the muscle fibers, releasing tension and increasing circulation. During this targeted treatment, magnesium works to push the electrolytes deeper into the muscle tissue for faster and longer-lasting results, while eucalyptus essential oil stimulates the body and mind.

Cost Per Treatment: $5.83 (Does not include optional service enhancements)
Time: 60 minutes
What to Charge: $150

What You'll Need:

Optional Service Enhancements:


  • It's expected that the professional massage therapist is familiar with each muscle, the muscle groups, and how they are affected by specific movements.
  • Traditional Swedish massage is currently the most common approach used for conditioning programs. It's frequently supplemented by other massage therapy approaches, including deep tissue, trigger point work, and acupressure.
  • Make sure you provide time for a thorough consultation so that you can create a customized massage that will serve your client.


  • Sunburn, skin rashes or conditions, open sores, fractures, acute pain or injury, fever or infections, open wounds, muscle ruptures, tendon ruptures, muscle and tendon partial tears, contusions, burns, rheumatoid arthritis and gout, bursitis, infection of the skin and soft tissue, thrombosis, artificial blood vessels, bleeding disorders, tumors, swelling, high blood pressure, pregnancy, and cancer.

Pre-Service Preparedness:

Note: Since each client has unique needs, this protocol doesn't include step-by-step instructions for the treatment plan and is expected to be incorporated into a customized massage composed of varying massage techniques.

1. Pour 2 oz. of Magnesium Gel with Aloe into a small rubber mixing bowl and pre-heat in a warm towel cabi. On average you can expect to use around 2 oz. of gel per client over the course of 1 massage. This can vary depending on the size of the client and the client's skin type (oily or dry).

2. Set the ambience of the treatment room with relaxing, meditative music.

3. Take a moment to use your preferred methods to ground yourself prior to the service.

4. Place one hand over the crown of your head for a full minute while you deeply breathe in and deeply breathe out.

5. Place all of your awareness on the bottom of your feet. Concentrate on all of the different sensations you feel through the arch, the heels, and all ten of your toes.

6. Let go of your personal stresses and make sure you're prepared to be present in the moment with your client.

Client Reception:

1.Greet clients with warmth and gratitude. Perform client consultation and ask the client if they have any questions.

2. Invite the client to disrobe to their lowest level of comfort and lay comfortably on the massage table in the supine or prone position under the sheets and blankets, depending on your preferred start.

3. Empower your client to provide feedback on their comfort during the massage in regards to temperature, pressure, music, body positioning, etc.

4. Ensure your client is comfortable and adjust sheets and blankets if necessary.

5. Depart from the room for client modesty and then politely knock and announce when you re-enter the room.

What to Do:

1. Remove the small rubber mixing bowl containing the Magnesium Gel with Aloe from the warm towel cabi.

2. Gently dispense 20 drops of the Eucalyptus Essential Oil into the rubber mixing bowl containing the Magnesium Gel with Aloe.

3. With a small spatula gently mix the Eucalyptus Essential Oil thoroughly with the Magnesium Gel with Aloe.

4. Slowly disperse the Eucalyptus Essential Oil and the Magnesium Gel with Aloe mixture to the client's body and perform full body massage.

Close of Service:

1. After service, thank the client and offer water or the spa's preferred beverage.

2. Depart from the treatment room to prepare the beverage and heat the TheraTools Hemp Filled Décolleté Heated Neck Wrap.

3. Politely knock and announce when you re-enter the room.

4. Apply the warm neck wrap comfortably to the client and provide them with their desired specified beverage.

5. Quietly escort your client to your relaxation area so that they can enjoy the benefits of their massage and their spa beverage.

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