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MUD Brushes, #800 Crease

MUD Brushes, #800 Crease



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Ideal for blending eye colors, this crease brush has long tapered bristles that are soft to the touch. Its proprietary blend of synthetic fibers was created to function like natural hair. The fibers have ultra-fine waves which create the porosity needed to pick up, hold, and deposit both powder and cream products. Tested and approved by makeup artists and consumers, the consistency, function, and luxurious feel make these fibers the best alternative to natural hair. Vegan-friendly.

Tool School

- Use to lightly dust highlight to the bridge of the nose.
- Use with cream, liquid, or powder products.
- Blend and define eye colors into the crease of the eye.


Quick Study

- To preserve brushes, clean regularly with a professional brush cleaner or baby shampoo and lay flat to dry.
- To preserve the shape, lay brushes against the skin rather than pushing bristles directly onto the skin.