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VitaJuwel Frequently Asked Questions

If you prefer to read rather than watch the video, here’s the transcript of the Frequently Asked Questions video.

Welcome to our frequently asked questions. Let us give you 17 answers to 17 questions in under three minutes.

What is gem water?

Gem infused water. Your drinking water structure changes through subtle electromagnetic frequencies.

How long does it take to prepare gem water with Vitajuwel?

Seven minutes.

How do the crystals restructure the water through glass?

Gems have a very subtle electromagnetic vibration that has a positive impact on water and its molecules. Same concept like a glass of water in a microwave or sunrise passing through window, just on a much gentler level.

Does gem water taste different than regular water?

Most people actually do say they experience a change in the texture of the water, like a smoother, softer, even a more crisp taste.

How long are the VitaJuwel products supposed to last?

Forever unless you break them, so be careful.

Where are the crystals from?

We have a great network of suppliers worldwide focused on sustainability and fair trade. Most of the stones come from South America and Australia, India, and Afghanistan.

What blend works best for me?

That's a little bit like asking what food is best for me. It depends a lot. On your personal situation, your mood, your preferences. If you're unsure, follow your intuition and your first impulse. If that doesn't help, choose wellness.

Is there one universal one for everything?

As there's no single recipe for love, fitness, wellness, there is no single blend that does it all at once. But we're sure you'll find one that suits your lifestyle.

So how do you clean the ViA Water Bottle?

Easy. Detach the Gempod from the bottle. Unscrew the glass part with the stones from the lid. Take the silicone washers out of the lids and clean everything thoroughly with a mild detergent. Rinse it well and let it air dry overnight. I personally like to hand wash the glass cylinder, but feel free to put it in the dishwasher.

What kind of water should I use?

Use any kind of clean drinking water. Tap water is fine if it's okay to drink in your area. It's always a good idea to filter your water before you drink it. Filtering your water will get it physically pure. But for the most part, dual and debt as well. VitaJuwel has the energy that you want in your water.

How are the products made?

Our vials and decanters are made by Bohemian glass craftsmen in Europe, and our ViA Bottles are made in Southern Germany, right by the Alps.

Can I change the stones or put my own stones in?

Our products are made to last a lifetime, so we seal the stones in the gem pods and vials, so you can't change them or take them out.

And what's the liquid inside the Gempod?

It's a special natural liquid that VitaJuwel created over the years to keep the stones shiny and clean for a lifetime. It also adds another layer of security. You happened to accidentally damage your gemstone vial or Gempod, you immediately smell a super bitter scent.

What do I do if the glass cracks?

Stop using your VitaJuwel product.

How durable is it?

They're pretty sturdy. They're made with really thick glass, so they're hard to break. But treat them like every other glass vessel that you have at home.

Is there any warranty?

We replace products with a proven manufacturing defect. Aside from that, we'll try to find a solution for your issue and help you the best we can, but there's no specific warranty. As we sell glass products that might just break it, they're not handled right. Feel free to contact our customer service and we'd be happy to help you.

Do I have to recharge the stones?

If you ask five different people, you might get five different answers. In our personal opinion, the energy of the stones has been lasting for the last few thousands of years and they're going to last another thousand, but it doesn't do any harm to, you know, place them outside the window shelf during a full moon or when the morning sun comes up. Up to you.

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