Oakworks Offers Affordable Ways to Prepare Your Spa Equipment for Reopening

May 12 • Equipment

Protect your table and your clients with Oakworks’ TerraTouch medical grade fabric. These table and pillow covers are ISO 10993 certified and can hold up to harsh disinfectants that the CDC recommends to kill the COVID-19 virus.

Table covers work with any brand (30-32" W) and will fit portable and electric lift tables!

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Hi, this is Jessica Wadley with Oakworks. I'm coming to you in quarantine from my home. There's been some really great tips out there, excuse me, tools out there that have been released from ISPA for example. We've been very active on various tasks force, regional tasks force. There's been such a great groupthink, but I thought I would specifically talk about equipment and it doesn't necessarily have to be Oakworks equipment. All of these things today that I'm gonna share will be applicable to everybody.

So there could be a lot of anxiety, secret anxiety that some of the spa directors have or business owners have or therapists have, knowing that they're opening, knowing that they have old equipment or aging equipment and how are we going to ensure that we protect our guests with that? Sometimes underneath, when you look underneath the table, there's cracks in the table, the tables are damaged, you know that some of the foam is exposed. So, what are some really inexpensive ways and also how do we create a hygienic barrier between how the heating pad underneath your table, maybe any additional padding? How do we do that and how do we address those things? So, I'm going to share some tips with you today.

Table covers. Table covers are an inexpensive, easy accessory you can add. I know everybody is sensitive about budget right now and rightfully so and we're sensitive to that. So, we took a lot of our knowledge from the healthcare side of what we do to protect with sanitization, and we applied that to some best practices in spa. First things first, this is a table cover like a fitted sheet, so fitted that it's, it's you know, not challenging but you can see that it takes them some strength to move it off. But this is our TerraTouch medical grade fabric.

This is ISO 10993 certified. Very important because not all medical grade fabrics are the same. They must be certified with that ISO certification. There can be a lot of misleading claims out there, so it's very important to be knowledgeable and armed on that. What makes a medical grade fabric different? One is it has been tested for things like cytotoxicity, skin irritation and sensitization. Most importantly, the hot topic right now is cleaning and disinfecting and what are we disinfecting our tables with? We have to be very careful because some of those harsh chemicals can actually cause damage to our tables or to our fabric and erode them away causing further issues, gaps, and more breathing room for bacteria. So you can feel confident that this fabric has been tested and is medically certified to stand up to disinfectants that have been designed to fight COVID.

On that note, it's very important to cross reference the disinfecting solutions that you are using. Make sure that they are registered with the EPA and the CDC for fighting specifically COVID-19 and SARS and then cross reference even further and make sure that the fabric that you're using again, we have done that, that those harsh disinfectants, some manufacturers claim that are gentle but still regardless that it won't erode that fabric. So this is one of my favorite table covers. It can work with any brand table, as long as the width is between 30 inches and 32 inches width it should fit. It can fit over portable tables and it can fit over electric lift tables. I'll demonstrate in a moment how stretchy the fabric is. It is like a fitted sheet and this table is about three inches thick for a portable table because again, it is more of an athletic training table.

Most electric lift tables are four inches or higher in terms of depth. And so you would see even a cleaner fit on an electric lift table as well. So again, you just take it, you pull it over the edge, nice and stretchy, and it's really beautiful. So even though it is medical grade fabric, you can feel confident because it's really beautiful. It feels extremely luxurious to the touch and you're really providing that feeling of safety. Your therapist will feel safe. I don't think this is at the forefront of the guest's mind, but you know that you're providing that as well. So it provides, it can help with any damaged tables that you may have underneath and or provide that barrier for any heating pads and or additional padding that you have underneath there. But really important, not every table cover is the same. You want that ISO certified 10993 medical grade fabric. It has a one-year warranty and you can machine wash this at the end of the day as well. And it has that longevity and that one-year warranty. You can after each and every guest take your disinfecting wipes and wipe them down in between all your clients and you'll know that you have completely sanitized your equipment.

Now what about the ancillary accessories that you have as well? Just keeping at the forefront of your mind. Some of your bolsters may also be cracked. They've got to go. It's time for new ones. Again, regardless of whatever brand you have, you want to make sure all of our accessories have that medical grade TerraTouch 10993. When you're talking to your ownership or your general management, these are the kinds of things that you could educate them on and you will absolutely shine as a spa director. So bolsters, things of that nature. We're still made all in the USA. Really important. So rapid transit time and then you know that you're keeping everything domestic from also a sustainability standpoint as well.

One of my other favorite accessories, if you have pillows in your spa, in your operation and you were thinking I can't use pillows anymore, this is one of my favorite accessories. Pillows are great for positioning for various reasons, whether it be maternity whether it be for various treatments. But we make a Terra Touch pillow covers. So now cause as you know and it's really easy, you can just put insert any standard pillow inside of here. You know that you're providing that protective barrier against the pillow and you know that any viruses or any illness or any of those types of things are not penetrating your pillow because you've covered them in a medical grade fabric. One other thing that's super important to note. These are waterproof, so you perform your various spa treatments on them if you are performing body treatments, so on and so forth.

So again, bolsters, pillows, table covers, whether it be for your portables or whether it be for your electric lift tables. Really inexpensive things you can do if you don't have the cap X right now. Let us also not forget our face rests. So, this is a great time to inspect your face rest, make sure there are no tears, make sure that they're in good working order. Once again, these are covered in your TerraTouch, ISO certified 10993 fabric and you can inspect them and make sure they are in good working order. If, if it's time for new, if they are not in great working order, you can upgrade really easily. Even if you have old tables, you can upgrade your face cushion.

This is our Boiance Face Cushion. Again, sorry, shameless plug. But we're super passionate about this one. This has patented water spheres in here. Superior comfort. You'll upgrade the guest experience. And then what's really important as you have that open air for open flow and fresh oxygen to be flowing during the treatment. So, I love the Terra Touch medical grade fabric that is on the face cushions.

Last but not least, and there's many other things. One of the things I should note before the last but not least is that this table cover fits really nicely around any platform, any face cushion. It just hugs really beautifully over here and you're providing that additional protection. I don't like the ones with holes that are cut in them because I feel as if some of that bacteria can actually penetrate inside where those dowels are, where those grommets are so it's better to have just a single piece over the top. But last but not least, your stools inspect your stools ensure that there's no damage, no cracking. There's a lot of new things with stools. We've really come out with new wheels that are very silent and quiet in the treatment room. You could see here as I roll them, do the roll test in your treatment rooms. And again, this is added with the Terra Touch medical grade fabric. And I know here the medical grade fabric, we're going to be adding some stool covers ff you don't have the budget to upgrade your entire stool. Coming really, really soon, that's a secret. Don't tell anyone.

So, I hope today was really helpful for you. If you have any questions, feel free to direct message myself or Daphne, send me an email, Instagram, WhatsApp, whatever is good for you. Thank you so much for spending time with me today. I really miss all of our spa friends and I know we'll be together again someday. Spa health and wellness is going to help heal our planet after all of this. So I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you.

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