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Match Your Clients’ Needs To The Right Massage Products

Massage should be a complete sensory experience—from the soft lighting and music to a soothing scent and touch. As therapists, we strive to relax and renew massage clients during their time at our tables. Shouldn’t that idea apply inside and outside of the treatment room?

The answer is a resounding yes. Whether your clients seek relief from arthritis, pregnancy pains, or tense, tired muscles, they all need to be paired with the right products for their specific needs.


The consultation is your first chance to create customized solutions for your clients. During this time, it’s crucial to ask why they’re seeking treatment. Is it for pain relief or relaxation? Deep work or a gentle touch? Not only will this allow you to personalize their massage, but it will also ensure that the products being used have no contraindications for clients.

Here are some key areas to address during the consultation:

  • Define and romance the service. This is the key to client comfort. During this time, explain the draping, how to undress to their level of comfort, how to lie on the table, and the areas you plan on working. Additionally, this is a prime opportunity to discover your client’s pressure preferences and goals for the massage.
  • Offer product options. Set yourself apart by offering either lotion or oil for the service. Having a variety of aromatherapy blends for specific purposes, like detoxification, relaxation, muscle tension, or headache relief further empowers your client to customize their massage.
  • Suggest add-ons. When discussing specific problem areas, suggest muscle relief products, heated wraps, or hot towels with essential oil blends.

Aftercare Recommendations

Recommending at-home massage products is another way to engage your clients. Products used during the massage should link to take-home, retail-friendly options:

Keeping these ideas in mind and identifying clients’ needs before, during, and after the service will show your commitment to their wellness and make you stand out as a massage therapist.

To learn more about how you can grow your massage business, watch these on demand webinars on our website:

Aromatic Blending for Massage Therapists
The art and science of blending is one of the most fascinating, dynamic, and creative aspects of aromatherapy. This class is designed to support and enhance skills for effective yet creative and unique blending. We will begin by covering 15 invaluable essential oils for a massage therapy practice and then explore three approaches to blending. How to create effective blends in a wide range of bases will be discussed along with safety considerations and methods of application.

Retailing for Massage Therapists 
Truly successful massage therapists understand that serving their clients’ relaxation, pain relief, and wellness needs usually goes beyond providing a technically great service. They also work to educate and provide appropriate recommendations for each client regarding treatments and products that address their specific concerns and needs. These insightful professionals provide a flawless blend of client care and customer service as well as improved results for their clients by creating both an office and home care treatment plan that will provide the client’s desired results. This course will help new and seasoned massage therapists understand how to provide even higher levels of client satisfaction by providing effective retail sales recommendations and achieve a stronger level of retail sales.

Universal Companies is proud to have a team of experienced spa advisors on staff and welcomes you to consult with our professionals about spa products and supplies, including ingredients, equipment, and retail. Dedicated to the success of spa professionals everywhere, we're grateful to be recognized with multiple industry awards (thank you!) and proud to support the spa industry through mentorship and sponsorship.

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