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Full Body Revival Exfoliating & Soaking Treatment

Menu Description:

This luxurious treatment starts by lavishing your body in a unique exfoliating scrub, featuring a harmonious blend of all-natural French sea salts, soothing aromas of lavender, and deeply hydrating chamomile. Post-exfoliation, you’ll be immersed into an aromatherapeutic herbal moor mud bath, beautifully scented with a meditative blend of essential oils.

Cost Per Treatment: $8.44
Time: 75 minutes
What to Charge: $90-$120

What You'll Need:

What They'll Want:


  • Burns (including sunburn), skin rashes or conditions, open sores or wounds, fractures, acute pain or injury, muscle and tendon ruptures, muscle and tendon partial tears, contusions, rheumatoid arthritis and gout, bursitis, infection of the skin and soft tissue, thrombosis, artificial blood vessels, bleeding disorders, tumors, swelling, high blood pressure, pregnancy, and caner.


  • Dress your massage table with a fitted sheet covered by a bath towel, then a flat sheet over top, and lastly placing another bath towel over the flat sheet.

  • Mix your scrub by mixing 2 oz. of the French Sea Salt with 1.5 oz. of the Grapeseed Carrier Oil. If your client has sensitive skin, you may use more oil than salt during the mixing process. If you're in need of a more aggressive exfoliation, you may use less oil.

  • Chill a couple of damp towels for the bath portion of the service.

  • Prepare your clients Herbal Bath in your treatment tub by combining 4-6 oz. of mud with a 3-4 drops each of Frankincense, Rose, and Helichrysum essential oils and warm water. Use 6 oz. of Herbal Bath for smaller treatment tubs or up to 4 oz. for larger tubs.

What to Do:

  • 1. Assist your client into the prone position on your massage table, where they will lie between the towels.

    2. Begin the service by applying your aromatic salt scrub to one of the client's feet. Using light, gentle strokes begin moving the product up to the ankle, and onto the leg. Apply additional amounts of the salt scrub as needed and remember to pay extra attention to any rough calluses such as the heels.

    3. Repeat the exfoliating process on the other foot, ankle, and leg. Exfoliating in gentle strides and circular motions.

    4. Now apply your salt scrub to the lower potion of the back and using gentle, circular motions exfoliate in light strides toward the heart, moving up to the shoulders. Provide extra attention to any areas of the skin that are exceptionally dry. Include the backs of each arms in this exfoliating process.

    5. Assist your client into the supine position while keeping them draped.

    6. Begin the exfoliating process on the tops of the feet, moving to the front of the legs still using light, gentle strides.

    7. Re-drape the feet and legs, moving to the shoulder and décolleté points of the body.

    8. Apply the exfoliating salt scrub to the shoulders and move in light circular motions to the décolleté and down the tops of each arm.

  • 9. Have your client hold their arm over the front towel, keeping it in place while you assist them up to a sitting position, using the towel beneath their back to keep them covered at all times.

    10. Guide your client to the treatment tub and assist them into the prepared bath. Keep the client draped while assisting them for modesty. If your tub has jets, you may start them now.

    11. Allow client to relax peacefully for 15-20 minutes. Rinsing is not necessary post bath.

    12. To help ensure your client does not over heat, check in with them often and provide them with chilled towels to use on their forehead or back of their neck as needed.

    13. Once the bath is complete, assist the client in getting out of the tub carefully.

    14. Wrap the client in a large warm towel, robe, or blanket and allow them to rest for up to 1 hour. Pro Tip: During this time, you may add in additional ways to enhance your service. We suggest offering a cool, refreshing glass of White Lion Iced Tea or chilled crystal water from your VitaJuwel Decanter.

    15. To end your service, have your client dress and meet you for review of the products used in the treatment, treatment benefits, and any custom home care recommendations you may have.

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