How to Clean Your AquaBoost System

Are you a skincare professional or spa owner looking to keep your AquaBoost System in prime condition? Maintaining peak performance is key to achieving exceptional skincare results with Hydrodermabrasion. Discover the essential steps for proper cleaning and maintenance in this guide.


We'll guide you through the step-by-step process to keep your AquaBoost system in optimal condition.

AquaBoost Cleaning: A Guide for Skincare Professionals

Step 1: Preparing for Cleaning:


  • Begin by ensuring the AquaBoost system is ready for cleaning.
  • Remove the two tubes connected to the waste collection container.
  • Empty the waste collection container to prevent overfilling during the cleaning process.
  • Twist off the black tubes and caps from the serum bottles on top of the device.
  • Replace them with the original white serum lids and set them aside.
  • Reattach the waste collection container to the unit and secure the tubes back on top of the container.


Step 2: Flushing the System:


  • Fill your cleansing bottle with distilled warm water. For a deep cleanse at the end of the day, add approximately 10% vinegar to the water.
  • Install the hose and cap from the Serum One bottle onto the cleaning bottle.
  • Ensure it's securely connected to the S1 port on top of the machine.
  • Remove the clear tip from the AquaBoost handheld device and replace it with a blue cleansing tip designed to prevent the cleaning mixture from escaping.
  • Adjust the flow control knob on the side of the device to the fully open position.
  • Turn on the S1 switch by pressing it twice until the light illuminates.
  • Allow the unit to push water through the hoses entirely.
  • While the cleaning process is in progress, take the opportunity to clean the handheld device, handpiece, tops, sides of the unit, and the cryo wand with disinfectant wipes.


Step 3: Deep Cleaning Process:


  • Once the cleaning bottle is empty, remove the lid and the tube.
  • Drain the waste collection canister if necessary.
  • Refill your cleaning bottle with warm water and 10% vinegar for deep cleaning.
  • Repeat the cleaning process for the S3 side by attaching the tube to the S3 holder.
  • Attach the black lid to the S3 container and turn on the S3 serum switch.
  • Ensure the cleaning mixture runs through this section entirely.
  • When cleaning your CryoWand, use an alcohol wipe directly on the metal portion that makes contact with your client's skin.


Step 4: Final Touches:


  • Once both tubes have been thoroughly cleaned and an entire bottle has been used, remove the lid and the tube piece from the cleaning bottle.
  • Remove the tube from the port.
  • Detach the waste collection container and drain it.
  • Wash the container with warm water and antibacterial soap or detergent of your choice.
  • Wipe down all tubes and any other areas of the AquaBoost unit with disinfecting wipes.
  • You can allow the collection container to completely air dry before reattaching it to the device. In between clients, reattachment may be more practical, but end-of-day thorough cleaning is recommended to ensure optimal performance.

Maintain Your AquaBoost's Peak Performance

Following these essential cleaning procedures is paramount for preserving the peak performance of your AquaBoost system. Neglecting this routine maintenance may put your AquaBoost warranty at risk. Make it a habit to ensure your AquaBoost remains in top condition.

Require Assistance or Have Questions?

Should you need any guidance or have inquiries about your AquaBoost system, our dedicated support team is here to assist you.


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