How To Set Up Your AquaBoost System: A Step-by-Step Guide

Our AquaBoost System Setup Guide is your essential resource for mastering this advanced skincare technology, specifically tailored for hydradermabrasion treatments.

Whether you're a seasoned skincare professional or new to the field, ensuring the correct configuration of your AquaBoost is the crucial initial step for delivering outstanding hydradermabrasion results.

Let's dive into the step-by-step guide to ensure your AquaBoost is ready to work its magic.

Step 1: Securing the CryoWand Acrylic Holder

Begin by securing the CryoWand Acrylic holder to the side of the AquaBoost unit. This holder plays a crucial role in the system's functionality.

  1. First, locate the screws on the side of the device and carefully remove them. Set these screws aside for later use.
  2. Align the predrilled holes on the CryoWand holder with the screw holes on the side of the unit.
  3. Insert the screws back into their positions and tighten them until the CryoWand holder is securely attached.


Step 2: Power and Cord Connections

Now, let's ensure the power and cord connections are in place for a successful AquaBoost session.

  1. Plug the AquaBoost power cord into the power cord inlet, located on the back of the AquaBoost unit.
  2. Similarly, plug the CryoWand cord into the CryoWand inlet, also located on the back of the unit.
  3. Pay attention to the CryoWand cord; it utilizes a twist-lock receptacle. One prong on this plug is slightly larger than the other, so make sure to align them correctly and twist the rotating piece tightly into place.
  4. Complete this step by plugging the other side of the cord into the bottom of the CryoWand.


Step 3: Attaching the Collection Container:

Now, let's address the waste collection container.

  1. Position it to the back of the AquaBoost system, ensuring it aligns with the plate on the back of the unit.
  2. Once in place, attach the connection tubes to the top of the container. This ensures a seamless flow for your AquaBoost system.
  3. Pay attention to the handle on the waste collection container; position it away from the machine to ensure correct alignment of the ports.


Step 4: Connecting Serums S1 and S3:

It's time to introduce the serums – S1 and S3.

  1. Begin by removing the white cap from each serum bottle.
  2. Replace the white cap with the provided black lid, which has a tube attached.
  3. Attach the opposite side of the tube to the corresponding serum suction port, labeled either S1 or S3, depending on the serum.
  4. Repeat this step for both serums to ensure they are correctly connected.


Step 5: Additional Holder and Power On:

  1. Take note of the additional holder on the top of the device. While it may not require a specific piece, it serves as a versatile storage spot for your supplies.
  2. With all the components of your AquaBoost system now in place, you're ready to power it on. Locate the black on/off switch on the back of the machine and flip it to the upward position.
  3. Once the system is on, you may activate the CryoWand by clicking the on/off button, bringing it to life for your treatment session.


Step 6: Final Touch – Attaching the Clear Treatment Tip:

The last step of setting up your AquaBoost system is attaching the clear treatment tip. This is the final piece of the puzzle before you're ready to embark on your first treatment session.


With your AquaBoost system fully set up, you're now equipped to provide top-notch skincare treatments. Mastering this setup process ensures a seamless and effective experience for both you and your clients. So, go ahead and turn on your AquaBoost, and let the rejuvenation begin!

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