4 Reasons Chocolate Should Be A Spa Menu Staple

By Beth Hickey, Spa Specialties Representatives

Chocolate is one of the top gifts for Valentine’s Day. However, chocolate has year-round benefits beyond gift-giving for your spa clients. For example, in addition to its delicate, yet rich taste, chocolate offers amazing benefits to the skin when applied topically. Serving up chocolate spa treatments all year long can be very beneficial for your client’s skin and can generate great revenue for your spa. Here are four reasons chocolate deserves a permanent place on your spa menu.

1. Chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants.

The level of antioxidant compounds in cocoa is known to be higher than green tea, black tea, or red wine, according to a study conducted by the Department of Food Science and Technology, Seoul National University. The antioxidants in chocolate benefit skin by hydrating and toning, helping it look soft and supple.

2. There are always special occasions that call for chocolate.

If chocolate treatments are not on your menu, your clients won’t know you offer them. Keep chocolate treatments in mind and on your menu for Mother’s Day, couples treatments, bridal parties, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, etc. (Chocolate mint treatments are ideal for the holidays!)

3. It’s great for a range of skin types.

Chocolate is great for oily / problematic skin, as well as dry skin. With vitamins, like A and D, in addition to minerals like iron and magnesium, it helps hydrate the skin, and with this hydration, soothe irritation and reduce the appearance of acne blemishes.

4. It can help brighten the skin.

When used in scrubs, chocolate sloughs off dead skin cells, polishing skin, so it looks bright and beautiful.

Finally, we must mention the “feel-good factor” of chocolate. Long touted as an aphrodisiac, chocolate contains the neurotransmitters serotonin and anandamide, which promote feelings of happiness and even euphoria. So adding chocolate treatments to your menu may just mean happier clients, and happy clients are typically loyal clients.

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