Luxury Perfumes Crafted to Positively Impact Well-Being

With help from sensory experts and celebrated French perfumers, Valeur Absolue has created formulas with carefully selected raw materials that not only smell divine, they make your clients feel divine.

Each scent is an intentional pairing of aromas & crystal energy that enhances positive emotions and promotes a sense of well-being.

The semi-precious gemstones in each bottle offer chromotherapy, resonance, and beneficial trace elements.

This treatment allows clients to extend their wellness journey from treatment room to boutique.

Complement your fragrance selection with candles, dry oils, and beautiful gift sets.

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Gemstone Perfumes

Each Scent is an Intentional Pairing of Aromas & Crystal Energy That Enhances Positive Emotions and Promotes a Sense of Well-Being.
Valeur Absolue fragrances were developed using aromachology (the influence of natural scent on human psychology) and lithotherapy (using stones to harmonize mind, body, and spirit). The semi-precious stones in each bottle provide chromotherapy, resonance, and beneficial trace elements.

Natural Active Ingredients

Plant-based aromatics are used. No PCM, phthalates, CMR, UV filters, animal by-products, or coloring agents.

Positive Luxury Certification

Valeur Absolue was awarded for its commitment to sustainability, fair labor, and inclusion of organic materials.

The Essentielles Collection features 3 of the fragrances found in the Classique Collection. All have COSMOS ORGANIC certification by Ecocert.

Each of these 7 luxury wellness fragrances is a unique mingling of aromas and crystal energy.

The Harmonie Massage Experience

This 5-star luxury treatment combines aromachology, lithotherapy, and massage for a tranquil sensory experience. It merges ancestral and modern techniques in a perfectly guided ritual in which client and therapist receive benefits from scent and crystal energy.


This mind-body massage that combines soft music, organic neroli and lavender scented massage oil, and calming amethyst stones.

Treatment time:
60-90 minutes

Suggested price:

Cost per treatment:

This organic massage oil delivers superior glide and is scented with lavender & neroli oils.

Thank clients for taking the Harmonie Experience journey by treating them to this gift pouch.

These 3 amethyst stones carry calming energy for use during the Harmonie Massage Experience

Additional Retail & Gift Sets

Complement your fragrance selection with candles, dry oils, and beautiful gift sets.

These lightly scented candles create a warm, soothing home environment.

A blend of argan, tsubaki, and Brazilian nut oils that absorb quickly, leaving skin noticeably softer.

Gift Sets

Elegantly packaged, these gift sets captivate the visual and olfactory senses.  

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