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September 22, 2015

Ask The Expert: When Should I Replace My Spa Equipment?

“Some of our spa equipment is getting older and I’m wondering when the best time to replace it would be. I have some money left in this year’s budget, but I’m not sure if I should jump in now or wait. Can you give me any guidelines? ” – Adam S., Long Beach, CA

Great question! Deciding how to utilize your remaining budgets can be difficult. The easiest way to allocate your funds appropriately is to first evaluate your equipment. Here are some questions to ask:

What's the usage?

  • Are you using your current equipment to its fullest capacity? If it’s a heavily used piece of equipment, what’s left on your warranty? If you do decide to purchase now, don’t forget to check the warranty, guarantee, and the company’s reputation regarding customer service.
  • Does your equipment still meet all of your service needs, or is an update in order?
  • Are there other options you would like your equipment to have that it currently doesn’t offer?

Does your equipment have synergy with other parts of your spa?

Does the equipment you have now drive interest in your retail offering? The equipment used in treatments should always leave clients wanting the same experience, even after they’ve left your spa. Whenever you decide to replace your equipment, consider how you can complement every other part of your spa. This will result in higher revenue and interest in your treatment menu.

It’s also important that your equipment and furniture styles coordinate with your décor and theme. All pieces should contribute to the environment you are trying to portray for your clients. Additionally, buying equipment and furniture that can meet multiple needs can save you time and money. Good examples of this theory in action are multipurpose treatment tables and chairs.

Is your current equipment eco-friendly?

Having eco-friendly equipment and products, while being best for the environment, also make your spa stand out from the competition.

Finally, did you know that almost all new equipment comes with training?

This is important for two reasons:

  1. Education on equipment is vital to maximizing your treatment revenue.
  2. Understanding exactly how your equipment works creates the best experience for your clients.

These questions should help you make the right decision for your spa. But regardless of when you invest in new equipment, remember that safety, durability, and comfort (for you and your clients) are the key factors to consider.

If you have other questions about replacing your equipment or when you’re ready to start shopping, please contact our dedicated team of equipment experts. They’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you decide the best use of your budget! Call 800.558.5571 or email

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